Big City Dreams

Alarm sounds. Where the hell is our iPhone?! Snooze. Why the hell did we get drunk at Bassnectar knowing we had a flight to catch. Granted it is a noon flight but we know what kind of morning person we are. Lets go! The bags are in the location we remember leaving them. Walmart bag full of fresh undergarments are also in the same vicinity. Bathroom time. Brush hair brush teeth…. Not necessarily in that order. Jeans from last night with keys and wallet already in pocket, perfect. Now where’s that damn iPhone again?! Check the Facebook, twitter and new likes on the Instagram. Dont forget the faded navy blue backpack containing our prized possession that is the MacBook laced with a snazzy MTSU blue key cover and case. Out the door we go. House locked tight. The drive to the airport….


Spark Arts Festival

Sparkz will be performing at the spark arts festival on the river front April 19th. The festival starts April 11th through the 21st. For more info check out the website



Its Finally Here!!

New Planet and Sparkz are proud to present the first EP from project Analog!


Check out Apertrio’s LP Triggology

“Triggology” features both Newplanet and Sparkz of !Analog



Get ready for !Analog


Saturday depression suppression

Well damn the image won’t upload via iPhone but here I’d do all the fancy embed code but I’m lazy


New Planet EP

Excited to announce that my self along with Nick Hudson will be putting together a collection of beats and rhymes to release for your listening and boogie-ing? pleasure lol. Heres a little single to give you and idea of things to come sooner than later…..

Odd Characters by New Planet


TRBL teaser….

Trbl Teaser freestyle by sparkz1


I’m On One freestyle f/ Professa C and HolUp Dal

On 1 freestyle f/ P.C._HolUp_Sparkz by sparkz1


Make You Cry f/ JJ Clark

make you cry (ft. Sparkz) by jj inc.